About Us

Who We Are

Mozay Shozay is one of the leading Small Order Makers, at the forefront of concept design, prototype innovation and full scale production; producing and distributing clothing of the highest quality to small and medium sized fashion brands. From our Manufacturers in Portugal, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, we are perfectly positioned to stay on top of the latest trends in the ever changing world of fashion. We work closely with you to help convey these trends in your clothing collections.

How do we work?

Our Ordering process is really simple. Let us know your Concept, If you have knowledge about fabric that’s great, if not you’re still in safe Hands as we have experts who are having background of Fashion Industry and Fabric mills and they’ll be More than happy to suggest you the right Select.

Graphic Designing

In 11 years of experience the biggest barrier we found between our Clients and their Ideas was the Good Graphic Designing Facility. So from Last year we now having in house team of Graphic Designers who are available for your convenience 24/7 on our Official Whatsapp.  All you need to share Sketches, Reference images or any other material which could help them to create your Desired designs.

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